Getting Started (MAY 2014)

This month of May has been a little rough. I’ve made contact with Hearltand Crimestoppers, Bradenton Herald( Manatee County local newspaper) , News channel 13 & 8 as well as the Herald Advocate (Hardee County local newspaper). I heard from Crimestoppers and Bradenton Herald but the others to no prevail. Very disappointing and frustrating!! Crimestoppers pretty much got the same information as released to the media in 2006.  No new leads so far? No new ANYTHING? Hmmm…?! The Bradenton Herald just said my request will be forwarded to the appropriate office. BUMMER!! I was just about to give up, really! Googling has been a HUGE part of  life nowadays and definitely became my new best friend!! I googled how a “family” could solve a family member’s murder. This is when I came across Karen Beaudin’s own blog here on WordPress! I contacted here asking if she would be intereted in helping. Thankfully, Karen has agreed to help through numerous emails! To be continued!!…

*PLEASE NOTE: I have permission from Karen Beaudin to use her name, statements and advice for my blog. Anything and everyone I post or talk to is public record. Thank You!